Ballet Freak Joggers and Sweats

Imaginary Boyfriend Joggers

Ballet Freak

$ 48.50

*Can't currently ship to Australia via USPS - other methods are about $50!

These designs only print once a year or every other! Get them while you can! These are all that is left from the last print run. All colors now have a new jogger style at the ankle. The other style of sweatpants has been discontinued, unfortunately. The new ones also have pockets, which is nice.

Dancers don't have time for a boyfriend so looks like you will have to buy a pair of boyfriend sweats and make one up. Ballet terminology down the leg and plenty of room left for your friends to write on them or sign them at the end of your summer intensive or during Nutcracker or competitions! Oversized for comfort while laying around the studio or warming up.



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