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Ballet Freak® is a family owned business established in 2009. We started with a few shirts, one hoodie and a small youtube* following which has now grown past 44,000 followers and has over 22 million views. The facebook page now reaches over 534,000 people worldwide and the demand for Ballet Freak® apparel continues to rise. We have shipped products all over the world** and realize that the love for ballet is growing and has no borders. Our mission is to bring ballet more main stream and to instill the belief that ballet is for everyone! You live in your dance apparel and our goal is to make you as stylish and unique as possible.   



Gina, Robbie and Kyla Downey

*The youtube channel MYDANCETV is a documentary style channel following Robbie's progress from age 10. There are interviews, how to and in class videos plus live stream q and a sessions. Goal is to express not impress. Robbie enjoys helping and inspiring other dancers. Check it out!

Visit www.robbiedowney.com to learn more about Robbie's journey. 

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**Countries we have shipped to United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, China, Japan, Brazil, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, Mexico, Greece, Canada, France, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Slovenia, Australia, Norway and more.