Web Design for a Personal Website - Dancers & Teachers Brand Yourself

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Web Design for a Personal Website - Dancers & Teachers Brand Yourself - Farina Bodywear

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If you need to split the payment into 2 (125/125) shoot us an email sales@balletfreak.com

You may not need us! 

If you are cool with setting up a custom url, embedding secure forms and videos, creating photo galleries, inserting links and telling them where to open, adding favicons, SSL activation, ensuring responsive design so people can view on any device, dealing with headers and footers, adding social icons, spending minutes that turn into hours with online chat support, searching help forums and fun stuff like that you just don't need us. There are tons of deals online to build your own website.  

If you want to save time, save headaches, keep all your hair and actually get the website finished instead of letting it sit on your to do list.... just let us do it. Our offer is so affordable. Also, we know dancers, we know dance. You can trust us to give you a nice clean site that will be painless for you to edit as needed, in the future.  

We do not hold your site hostage. It is fully yours and you can edit it! 

*This offer is for 5 pages (Home, Bio or Resume, 10 Photo Gallery, Contact with secure form, Social Media or 3 Embedded Videos Page). Also, Headers and Footers, Navigation Menu, SSL Set Up and we Connect Your Domain and add a Favicon, we finalize edits with you and show you how to edit it as well. You can easily add more pages and photos etc.

*Hosting is not included but ranges from free - $12 a month and comes with a free domain if not on the free plan! We can also get you 10% Off. You cannot connect a custom url on the free plan. You can always upgrade and connect one in the future. We will instruct you how to get set up with hosting then we handle the rest. If you already have a domain name we can connect it for you. If you decide after purchase you do not want to proceed, and you have not submitted your content, we will fully refund you. 


Want to see the 5 easy steps to getting it done? This is so easy.

Do you want to read a blog that explains why you need it?

This topic is super important. Reading can be so old school in today's world but you need this information. It is so important that one of the Ballet Freak co-founders, Robbie Downey, was recently interviewed by one of the top dance magazines about her personal website (RobbieDowney.com) and the importance of having one. Robbie just landed her first job with Colorado Ballet Studio Company in Denver. The article will be published early 2019. Which means every dancer and their dog is gonna jump on getting a website next year! You can get yours in place now with the help of Robbie's web team. 

Click learn more to read the blog. There are tons of social media and audition tips included too. 

[Robbie Downey]